Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Brewster!

[This letter was sent to PALS Animal Rescue for inclusion on their "Happy Tails" webpage. Read about Brewster's old life and early days at our house at Brewster Facts. If you don't enjoy sappy stories about rescue dogs, stop reading now, Grinch.]

Brewster (known to PALS as Wally) joined our family on December 27, 2009, and I'm writing to celebrate his 1-year anniversary! After a pretty tough start in life, Brewster has settled into our home and feels safe and happy. Brewster is not big on playing with toys or chasing balls, but he LOVES to "snuzzle"--he buries his head in a blanket and wiggles around while the closest available human scratches his back or tummy. He loves to go for walks and car rides and he doesn't mind staying home, either, as long as he has a well-stuffed Kong to work on. When I'm working on the computer, he snoozes in his bed beside my desk (or in my lap), and when I move around the house he follows right behind to make sure he doesn't miss anything interesting. He's also a superb watch dog and lets me know anytime a stranger comes near our house. (Some people might think he's a little too vigilant, but after our neighbor's close call with a thief, I feel much safer with Brewster on the lookout!) Most importantly, Brewster makes me laugh every single day. I am so grateful to Brewster's foster mom, Kris, for seeing potential in a scraggly, timid, underweight mutt and giving him the time and affection he needed to become the happy, healthy dog who has become so important in my life. Brewster and I send our thanks and love to Kris and all the PALS volunteers!

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