Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sockghan Square 3

The easiest square yet is based on Hermione's Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder.

Other than purling the plain knit rounds, no modifications were necessary for this extra-simple pattern, which only requires the ability to count to four. Cast on 38 (32-stitch pattern plus 3-stitch border), knit three rows of garter, knit pattern until it seemed like the right size, knit three more rows of garter, boom.

This Sockghan thing is going so well that I don't really have anything to worry about here. So I've moved on to obsessing about something else.

Which books should I take?!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sockghan Square 2

So far, this project is going swimmingly. The next entry is Cookie A's Monkey.

The original, well-loved Monkey sock.

Details: Berroco Vintage worsted, size 8 needles, CO 38 (32-stitch pattern plus 3-stitch garter border on each side).

This one was slightly more challenging to knit flat because, in the original pattern knit in the round, there's no plain knit round between the pattern rounds, so when knitting flat you can't purl back to the start and thus keep the pattern entirely on the right side. That meant keeping close track of when purling really meant purling and when it actually meant knitting, and vice versa—not a major headache, but something to pay attention to. I was also never able to find a satisfactory way to knit through the back loop in reverse (you'd think it would be knitting through the front loop, but nope), so the bottom of each V has a tiny unintentional purl bump that no one but me will ever notice. Well, and now you. Please keep it to yourself. Given that I'm going to need 54 squares and have chosen only 12 patterns, I'll get to practice this a few more times and hope to find a solution.

And boy are these fast! Like the Wanida square, this one also cranked out in about 3 hours over 2 days. Getting all the squares knit shouldn't be a problem. Seaming them together, on the other hand, will probably be my downfall.

I haven't decided which square to do next, but I'll try to pick something other than a Cookie A. Because it's not like I'm obsessed with her designs or anything. At all.