Friday, December 24, 2010

The Christmas Eve To-Do List

1. Laundry.--Check.
2. Clean kitchen.--Check.
3. Assemble neighbor goodies.--Check.
4. Small, fiddly sewing to finish a present.--Check.
5. Wrap presents.--Eh. The ones I need first thing in the morning are done. We'll call it a check.
6. Clean office.--I crack myself up. Not sure why that one even got onto the list. The office looks like a yarn bomb with accompanying patterns exploded. A stranger might believe I work at home, but would assume that my job has something to do with yarn.
7. Take Mom to dinner for her birthday.--Check. 
8. Go to church, greet, hand out candles.--Check.
8a. Slather hands with sanitizer.--Check. I am NOT getting the stomach flu that's going around. I don't care if it is all the rage on Facebook.
8b. Sing The First Noel.--NO CHECK. What the heck? How do you get through a Christmas Eve service without singing my song? I had to sing it to myself on the way home.
9. Bake chocolate cake while listening to Louis Armstrong Christmas CD and drinking tea with a generous shot of whiskey.--Check.
10. Clean kitchen. Again.--The bowls are soaking in the sink, so that one's a half-check.
11. Make annual resolution not to procrastinate next year.--Check.
12. Remember that the people who love me don't give a flying you-know-what if my kitchen is clean or their presents are wrapped or I'm wearing clean clothes. Relax.--CHECK. 

(Carrie probably does care about the cake, though. She loves chocolate more than she loves me. I can accept that.)

Merry Christmas!  


  1. Merry Xmas Noelle! Don't worry about the procrastination, I have 40 years experience saying "why put off 'til tomorrow something that you can put off 'til the day after tomorrow."

  2. The 8's are my favorites. Love ya' lots! Hope you stay well and have a very blessed Christmas!