Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Knitter's Word Problem

Noelle accidentally knit an extra pattern repeat, including increases, on the yoke of the February Lady Sweater. She now has 235 stitches, but she only needs 227. Should she:

A. Tink back 470 stitches.

B. K2tog 8 times.

C. You know you can buy sweaters at Target, right?

Next week's problem: If Knitter 1 leaves the LYS at 10:45 am with a bag of Malabrigo and Knitter 2 leaves Michael's at 11:02 with a bag of Patons Kroy, they will have a violent and virulent disagreement on Ravelry about yarn quality at what time?


  1. How about picking up stitches with another needle back before the extra increase? It looks like garter stitch, so you can just pick up k-wise all across a row without increases and then frog back to the row of picked up stitches.

    Plus, yay for the February Lady sweater. I've been waiting for someone I know to make one.

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  3. I'm with Andrea. Pick up the stitches and then frog. If you do it perfectly, your stitches will all be facing the right way, but we all know that it is impossible, so when you start knitting again, just make sure to pay attention to which way the stitches lie.

    I can get through half of one of those pick ups and all the stitches are correct, and then somehow it gets messed up and the rest are all switched, or they start alternating between correct and incorrect. No idea how that happens.