Tuesday, April 16, 2013

B-Doodles is All About the Love

LOOKIT! LOOKIT! LOOKIT! Dog a Day is a site by an artist who posts, well, a dog a day. Normally she does pit bulls, but right now she's doing a series of "Gotcha!" stories, so I sent her Brewster's story. That she picked him for yesterday's post, as an antidote to the the bombing at the Boston Marathon, is particularly wonderful. 

The post, which is a lovely introduction by the artist, and then my story about how I adopted Brewster, is here: Gotcha! Brewster.

B-Doodles in all his fuzzy glory by Laurelin Sitterly of Dog a Day Art.


  1. The title on this just about made me snort my drink out my nose.

  2. But he IS all about the love! Just not for strangers. Or acquaintances. Or for other dogs, cats, bicycles, strollers, small children, large children, rabbits, birds, opossums, or especially those little motorized cars that overly permissive parents let their toddlers drive and then act all shocked when everybody ends up in the emergency room getting stitches. He hates those things.

    But he loves me. So that's enough. ;)