Tuesday, January 22, 2013


You may think you have problems. You may think your struggles about jobs and kids and finances and flat tires and bad roofs and skunks living under your deck are the worst problems that could happen to a person. But you know nothing. Nothing, I tell you.

I can't decide what to knit.

Should I start this purse?

Braided Cable Handle Tote by Amanda Silveira

Or this hat?

Wurm by Katharina Nopp

I bought the yarn for this cardigan . . .
Rimes the Reason by Jodie Gordon Lucas
(Let's please not talk about how much it bothers me
that the apostrophe is missing.)

. . . but I swore to myself that I wouldn't start it until I finished this pullover . . . 

Doreen by Berrocco Design Team

. . . which is basically done except that I need to rip out the first sleeve and make it longer, and finish the second sleeve in the first place, and seam the shoulders and knit the neck, but I don't have the right-size needles for the neck, and I don't want to buy them because I'll probably never use them again, and then seam the whole rest of the sweater, and really it's not looking good on wearing this one this year, even though it's so close to done.

And lest you think I got tired of making socks, I need to turn the heel on my fourth pair of these socks so they can go back in my purse to be worked during car rides and long waits in restaurants, doctors' offices, grocery stores, and so on, because I can knit basically anywhere at any level of inebriation, but turning a heel is math and the rest of the world generally frowns on crazed knitters yelling, "Shut UP! I am trying to COUNT!" at the frightened diners at the next table.

Sunday Swing Socks by Krystal Nyberg
Oh, and then of course there's paying work like grading papers and editing and such that needs to get done, too. So you can see my dilemma.

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