Monday, December 24, 2012

Bertie Sue's Grab Bag Sweater

On Saturday I realized three things: (1) There's no way the Christmas knitting will be finished by Christmas. It's just not happening, so there's no point in busting my rear over it. (2) It's going to be pretty nippy this week, with highs in the 20s. (3) Bertie Sue does not have her own sweater. She's been borrowing Brewster's ski coat, but it doesn't fit her very well.

So I dropped the Christmas knitting for about 6 hours to create Bertie Sue's Grab Bag Sweater.

In addition to being a grab-bag in the sense of using up yarn scraps, it's also kind of a grab-bag pattern. Following a real pattern just seemed like too much of a thing, so I cobbled together patterns I already had in my head. The nice, wide neck that doesn't squoosh tender doggy ears is actually the cast-on for the Nancy Lindberg Christmas Sock, and the increases for the leg holes are the thumb gusset from Ann Budd's Basic Glove Pattern. (Those are both Ravelry links. If you're not already a Ravelry member, you probably don't care anyway.)

Then I just kept knitting in the round until it was long enough under her tummy, cast off half the stitches, and then knit flat until it was long enough to cover the puppy butt. Generally, Bert was patient with the try-on sessions, but there was a point on Saturday night where she had had enough, so she started demonstrating some pretty effective passive resistance.

Don't worry about Brewster. In addition to the aforementioned ski coat, he has a warm hoodie and two store-bought sweaters to keep his tushie warm. He won't be freezing this week, either.

Now, back to the Super Secret Christmas Knitting!

Happy Holidays from Chez Furry Pants! 
Stay Warm!


  1. Very Cozy and matches her eyes beautifully.

  2. I posted this blog on Pals's Facebook page, and Ellen wrote this response:

    Bertie Sue has come such a long way. I can still remember this sad looking very pregnant dog sitting sadly in a cage at the Wichita Animal Shelter.... She had been blue flagged by the Kansas Humane Society and was due to be put down the next day. All our foster homes were full. Then an "Angel" appeared and opened the cage and said "I will take her, I love her and she is sooooo beautiful". Janet scooped her up and off to her house to have her puppy and wait for her new home. Cricket was her name then and boy was she a mess, dirty, matted, hair very dull. Wait, this story is not over. When you, Noelle, called about her we were all just thrilled, this wonderful little dog that nobody wanted was turning into a princess......She is absolutely beautiful in her new sweater. Her coat is shiny and not at all like it was when Janet scooped her up. Her sores are all gone. Thank you so much Noelle for giving her such a wonderful home. You have been a savior for two of our foster dogs, we thank you and all who take in a rescued dog.

  3. Passive resistance looks good on her (so does the sweater)! And that comment from Ellen made me teary.