Saturday, October 13, 2012

Noelle Solves Politics

As the election cycle enters its most contentious phase, I would like to propose new nonpartisan terms of use requirements for all social media sites. Any person making a political post must acknowledge the following:

(1) Such posts have no influence on members of the opposing parties. What you perceive as "facts" the other side views as blatant distortion, if not outright hogwash, and vice-versa. And as much as it pains us all to admit it, "they"--whomever "they" might be from your perspective--are not stupid, or at least no stupider than "we" are.

(2) As such, the purpose of political posts is:
     (a) to entertain people who already agree with you
     (b) to express one's own opinion without any expectation of convincing opponents
     (c) to piss off people who disagree with you

With these terms of service requirements firmly in place, we can all happily ignore each other and still be friends after the election.

P.S. Democrats Rule! Republicans drool!

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