Saturday, June 18, 2011

Diving . . .

I bought the Noro Kureyon. (That's not unlike drinking the Kool-Aid.)

There are a lot of logical reasons for this, but it boils down to wanting to watch the pretty color changes. There is no other yarn that achieves quite the same effect. So far I'm siding with the anti-Noro contingent, particularly for cables. I think the technical description would be to say that it is spun loosely. I think "mushy" is a good description. When I try to cable without a needle, the stitches of course are a bit tight; two stitches will blend together, making it difficult to see where one ends and the next begins, which makes it all too easy to k2tog without meaning to--or worse, split a stitch and k1.5tog.

But given that I've only knit two pattern repeats so far . . .

. . . it's hardly fair to issue my final judgment just yet. I expect when some of the color changes start appearing, I will be willing to forgive a lot of mushiness. And the good thing about Noro is that its fuzzy stickiness makes it pretty easy to cable without a needle without worrying about dropping stitches. In fact, I really don't think you could drop a stitch. You pretty much have to yank those suckers out of there. 

After the Twist excursion, I went to Becci's and had her change this:

to this:

Apparently I stole Jay Leno's chin.

I think I've lost at least 2 pounds.


  1. Oooooo, Noro. Having tried both, I preferred Crystal Palace Mochi +, but it has limited colorways compared to Noro. I want to try Knit Picks Chroma and see how it compares.

    Noro seems to be the go-to yarn for entrelac, which I haven't tried because I don't relish the idea of frequent flipping or learning to knit backwards.

    Knit on, Sistah!

  2. Knit Pick Chroma would be an option, but I didn't have a Groupon for them. Plus I wanted to start NOW, not a week from now when the package shows up. ;)

    The Crystal Palace Mochi I am not familiar with.