Sunflower Editorial Copyediting Services

Thank you for your interest in my copyediting services! I am a professional freelance copyeditor with 11 years of experience. My particular topic specialities include religion, literature, politics, and American culture, but I can edit almost any nonfiction topic. Recent projects have included a radiation oncology textbook and a history of the Ziegfeld Follies. See my "Portfolio" page for a list of projects completed recently. I work both for publishing companies and for individual authors.

As a copyeditor, my goal is to ensure your manuscript's clarity and grammatical and mechanical accuracy while respecting and maintaining your authorial voice. My experience as both a production editor and a freelancer gives me unique insight into manuscript preparation that publishers appreciate. I am meticulous about maintaining schedules, maintaining open communication with my clients to identify and fix problems before they become disasters, and ensuring that the work I produce is of the highest quality. Because I often work for several publishers at a time, it is easy for me to learn a new style manual quickly and thoroughly. I am also conversant with those old standards The Chicago Manual of Style, The Associated Press Stylebook, and The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

When you contact me, I will ask you to send a sample of the project to be edited. I will use the sample to determine whether a light, standard, or heavy edit is required, which determines the cost. I will also do a sample edit on up to five pages, which I will return to you. You can determine whether my work is the type of help you are looking for. If not, you are not obligated to hire me.

If you choose to hire me, a schedule is set at the beginning of the project so that you know when to expect material from me. I stay in contact with authors via e-mail on at least a weekly basis to inform them of progress. I may contact you more often, and you may contact me at any time.

Graduate Students: Before I begin work on your thesis or dissertation, I will contact your advisor via e-mail to confirm that you have permission to have your project professionally edited. This protects both you and me from charges of academic misconduct. You will be copied on all communications with your advisor. Also, please be aware that I can rarely begin an edit immediately. Because I usually have other projects in progress, there is typically a 2- to 4-week delay before I can begin a new project. For that reason, it is best to contact me at least 2 months before you are scheduled to submit your thesis or dissertation to your committee. I do not edit undergraduate papers or graduate seminar papers.

If you have any other questions that I haven't covered here or are interested in obtaining my services, please e-mail noelle [dot] barrick [at] gmail [dot] com.

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